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Naturally and permanently cure alcohol or drug addiction
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Addiction Free Forever Program PREVIEW

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Alcoholism is seen as a the daily use of alcohol to flee the mental and physical symptoms of withdrawal. This problem usually develops over time because the alcohol cuts down on the levels of certain chemicals inside your brain, specially the ones that control impulses and produce feelings of enjoyment. Natural remedies are best used cleverly combined with counseling and standard medications.

Herbal Treatments

Always talk to your doctor before you take these or any other supplements.

The herb kudzu discourages drinking by creating nausea, swelling and facial redness when taken before drinking. Take 10 mg three times each day. Milk thistle, a well-studied herb for liver disorders, prevents and treats cirrhosis and other liver conditions. Take 600 mg daily. Milk thistle may cause mild diarrhea when first taken. Reishi prevents fatty liver and cirrhosis. Take 3,000 mg three times a day. Soy lecithin encourages liver-cell regeneration and protects it from toxins. Take 3,000 mg daily. Dandelion is often employed for liver disorders due to the detoxifying properties. Additionally, it may help with withdrawal symptoms. Go ahead and take tincture as directed about the label.

Homepathic Remedies

Based on the University of Maryland Clinic, there’ve not been many studies how homeopathic remedies treat alcoholism. However, the next remedies are popular by homeopaths depending on their clinical experience. Homeopathy, like traditional Chinese medicine, often discusses particular symptoms as well as the main condition when suggesting treatments. These remedies ought to be taken as directed about the product label.

Arsenicum album eases anxiety and compulsiveness. It’s best if you’re experiencing nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Nux vomica reduces irritability and compulsiveness associated with constipation, nausea and vomiting. Lachesis lessens cravings for alcohol, headaches and trouble swallowing. Staphysagria can be used to deal with angry those who bottle up their emotions and also have suffered physical, sexual or psychological abuse in the past.

Other Suggestions

The University of Maryland Clinic reviewed several studies that examined acupuncture like a treatment for alcoholism, and located some studies that concluded it may be a highly effective method for reducing cravings and easing symptoms of withdrawal. This ought to be utilized in addition to other treatments and never by itself. A study led by W.E. Sevrus, published in the April 1999 Archives of General Psychiatry, discovered that taking omega-3 essential fatty acids eased depression. These essential fatty acids are available in black currant oil, evening primrose oil, flaxseed oil and fish oil. Take as directed about the product label.

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