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Ways To Pick A Lucrative Market Blogging Content

A niche blog focuses on one very specific topic and it’s any such blog that
aligns perfectly with blog monetization methods like contextual advertising and
web affiliate marketing. Not all blog topics will bring in strong earnings, for
various reasons. So how do you decide on a niche blog topic that’s likely to be

Create a list of interests, topics that you would be willing to write about on a
regular basis.

You will need a topic that has potential for 100 or further blog entries about
various elements or areas of that topic. Look at the list that you created in
Step 1 together with cross off any topics designed to not allow for 100 or more
blog entries.

Consider affiliate marketing potential. Bloggers can earn significant revenue
from affiliate marketing, but the niche web log topic must align well with
affiliate marketing. Will a particular topic lend itself to ideas for products
or book business? If not, then that topic has to be crossed off the checklist,
as affiliate marketing is mostly a primary source of profit for niche bloggers.

Eliminate any niche blogging topics associated with "stop words" or "poison
words" that might interfere with contextual marketing programs like Google
AdWords. Keywords related to sex, gambling and crimes are usually labeled as
"stop words" and also "poison words, " which result in all Google AdWords
advertisements getting pulled from that one web page.

Determine search volume and additionally cost per click (CPC) for keywords from
the topics that remain on the list. Using the Google Keyword Tool or even
similar website, enter keyword terms of a particular niche blogging theme. You
want a topic with at the least five primary keywords which happen to have a
search volume of more than 20, 000 per month. Also be sure to settle on "Show
Avg. Estimated CPC" from the drop-down menu to view CPC. The CPC determines how
much you can generate per ad click. The higher the CPC, the better the earning
potential for a particular niche operating a blog topic.

Select a niche weblog topic from those remaining on the list and start weblog.