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Facelift Without Surgery


Facelift Without Surgery is an anti-aging skin care program written for men and women who wish to immediately LOOK YOUNGER, using acupressure instead of surgical means. The book demonstrates how to perform your own non-surgical facelift USING YOUR FINGERTIPS.
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And Facelift Without Surgery ™ is NOT a Scam.
Check out again in facelift-without-surgery.biz is very clear and show some proof of the reliability of the product.

Most important thing of all, 100% money back guarantees if you are not satisfied with these product.
So trying out the program would be RISK-FREE…

Facelift Without Surgery is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by ReviewBest.net…

Product Website: facelift-without-surgery.biz
Product Creator: Wendy Wilken

Facelift Without Surgery PREVIEW

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Facelift Without Surgery
Exercise Your Solution to a Younger Looking Face with a Natural Facelift

Natural facelifts aren’t a new concept, but in our world of youth obsessed celebrity, they’re producing an unsurprising come back. The advantages of the natural facelift are obvious.

* Healthier, younger looking complexion
* No knives, injections or painful acid treatments
* Final results that last, not just for the handful of years, but forever

The expense of this miracle cure for ageing? Very basically, the expense of the book, the DVD or the training course- then free forever more! So for everybody who already eats well, gets plenty of sleep and uses a great moisturiser, here’s the natural solution to a younger face.

How the Natural Facelift Works

As we age, we lose muscle tone. This really is apparent not only in our bodies, where muscle tone reduction is one from the reasons why we gain weight so quickly, but also in our faces. However, the muscles in the face are different as they’re attached to the skin that covers them, which means any sag outcomes directly in eye bags, brow sags, chin jowls and turkey necks- but it doesn’t need to be that way.

Wendy Wilken promises that by making use of her facial fitness method that, ‘with just 10 – 15 minutes of exercising every day. Nose to mouth lines will lessen. Upper cheeks are going to be lifted and fuller. The jaw line will likely be firmer. Eyelids will be stronger and lifted.’

Natural Facelifts Achieved Through Massage

* The Eye Lift- To help reduce puffiness, brighten and open the eye spot, Wendy Wilken recommends that you locate the inside of the inner eye socket. Place a medium finger pressure on all four corners on the inner eye socket. Hold to get a count of 15 at every single point. She says it will feel tender if the eye spot is congested, but this will probably be relieved with regular practice.

* The Brow Softener- To prevent or reduce vertical lines between the eyes place your middle three fingers between your eyebrows. Visualise magnetic pulses coming out of your fingers and releasing tension in this place. Hold to get a minute and repeat generally.

* The Cheek Lift- To tone and lift the cheek area, work from the corner with the nose and place a thumb below the cheekbone and two fingers above maintain firmly for the count of 10 and work firmly across the face. Repeat 3 times, but on the repeat only keep to get a second.

* 4. Jaw Firmer- Repeat the cheek lift with the jaw bone working with both hands from the chin towards the ear.

Wendy Wilken recommends the use of this technique every night prior to bed. This really is when the cells are naturally starting to regenerate, and it also helps to aid restful sleep.

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