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This is NOT just a few basic tips and pointers from seventeen of the world’s top Fitness Professionals – it’s more like… …raiding their brains for every secret, technique, and shred of expertise on how to build your fitness business and make more money! Here are just some of the secrets revealed in Fitness Riches: *Learn how one simple change in your training business can double your profits while cutting the time you spend training by 33%. *Discover how to build a lead generation system that will have more prospects than you ever dreamed of literally begging you to take them on as clients. *Find out how you can make hundreds, even thousands more dollars from each and every one of your clients! *What targeting a specific niche can do to help you become an industry superstar (and rich in the process!) *How offering nutritional supplements to his clients allowed one trainer to more than double his income. *A system for building a $30,000 per month personal training business with practically no start-up costs. *Learn and use the single most important key for creating and profiting from your own dream business. Get this one right and every other part of your fitness business will literally fall into place. *How to become the fitness celebrity in your area! *Discover how integrating wellness and weight management into your business can allow you to double or even triple your income!…[more details]

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Fitness Riches PREVIEW

Fitness Riches review

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