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More than time the overall performance and speed of computers deteriorate because of several Registry Errors, Unnecessary Ran Programs, Disk Space and your RAM speed. You may notice that over time it takes very much longer to open basic programs which took only a few seconds to open prior to. A lot of times your personal computer just freezes and the only alternative is to restart – a process that may take up to 10 minutes a good deal of times.

You may possibly believe your only solution is to either purchase a new computer system or hire a computer technician – both possibilities are incredibly costly and could be a real hassle. Fortunately with LightspeedPC’s proprietary software you can not just improve the speed of your PC but also optimize its overall performance.

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LightspeedPC is often a piece of computer software that can effectively boost the situation, optimizing the techniques your system and applications are using memory, and, for that reason, fastening the entire work without having any further hardware expenses.


1/. Improve your computer’s performance drastically by optimizing the cost-free storage offered to Windows and applications.
2/. Enable applications and games to run faster and smoothly by allowing them to utilize as very much RAM as probable.
3/. Advanced automatic optimization possibilities make certain that free memory space is usually accessible for when you require it essentially the most.
4/. Enhance your Microsoft Windows performance even further with extra technique tweaks.
5/. Identify which processes consume by far the most storage so that you are able to learn how to maximize your process resources.

The actual storage is among by far the most important items in a technique. Combine a wonderful quantity of RAM with a effective CPU and you’ll have a beast for any computer that’ll be capable of handling a big number of apps without shaking its performance.

For keeping your technique at the highest pace doable a set of cleaning and clutter-removing actions have being undertaken, including challenging disk and registry cleaning and defragmentation. But to reach this stage of maintenance RAM and CPU power are definitely crucial.

Maintaining the system’s physical memory space allocated only to the tasks that are actually essential doesn’t usually happen mainly because some computer programs sometimes come with bugs that prevent the software program from releasing the RAM when it is no longer needed. RAM leakage is typically fixed quite fast but in some cases it may possibly go undetected for any long time.

Memory space optimization computer software comes to the rescue to fix this concern and release as a lot storage as feasible, giving you the chance to allocate it to other processes. LightspeedPC has recently been updated to a new version that fixed several bugs and added new components. The price is $29.95 and you might have 8 weeks to try it to its fullest, with totally no functional limitation.

The request is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

The configuration center is placed towards left hand side from the app window, while all of the alternatives are shown from the correct part as soon as you pick a menu. You won’t have a challenging time while using the application as everything is pretty significantly automatic and there are little settings to tinker with.

The primary app window jumps directly for the RAM optimization settings and shows details within the actual memory space status (percentage of no cost and used storage) as well as the total in MB in the free RAM and total total present within the method. For any far better view there is certainly also a visual representation (pie chart)..

When it comes on the choices for releasing the storage, LightspeedPC offers four levels of optimization. The simplest and fastest of them all is Leakage Optimization, with Fast Optimization, a far more intensive procedure that tries to free of charge up far more storage, coming up next. The third level is even a lot more intensive and even a lot more RAM ought to be freed, whereas the fourth RAM optimization level is called Highest Optimization and takes the longest to complete but offers the best improvement.

Whilst there is certainly no explanation as to what exactly the request does in the course of the optimization procedures, throughout our testing LightspeedPC showed that, indeed, each superior level liberates a tiny more physical storage than the previous one particular. Thus, at the leakage optimization test the application did no optimization towards RAM and left it at 47% free physical storage and 53% utilized. Using the Fast Optimization factors did not go too well either, but with all the Potent Optimization degree the freed RAM quantity raised to 57% even though the numbers went down to 43% to the memory space in use. For your last place, Maximum Optimization, the balance weighed 60% of no cost RAM and 40% of occupied memory space.

Automatically intervening when specific RAM and CPU values reach a user-defined threshold is obtainable in LightspeedPC. The AutoDetect choices enable you to set the important values (time, RAM and CPU limits) for starting the optimization work. For laptop users the app characteristics a setting that shows the battery life and lets them disable the automatic procedure although running on battery or if the battery amount is less than 50%.

All these affect the process only if you’re running the program on XP. Otherwise the section won’t even unfold prior to you. Within the downside, due towards lack of a counter from the tweak pages users may possibly feel a bit confused. Still within the downside, proof-reading needs to be executed for the text inside app as there are some spelling mistakes.

This version introduces the RAM Usage Analyzer, which shows you all of the currently running processes out of which the computer software separates the 1 that uses one of the most storage. Visual representation is present, as are the numbers displaying in both percentage and MB the sum of RAM hogged down. If you’re worried that RAM Usage Analyzer does not function as a method manager from the slightest, believe again since besides the possibility to terminate the course of action eating the largest piece of RAM you are able to also do the very same with any with the listed items. Moreover, double-clicking on the course of action will pop out a window displaying all its modules together with their size and modification date.

Slip-ups in the software program might be witnessed correct from the primary application screen, which functions two graphs, 1 for monitoring the RAM and one particular for checking out within the CPU usage. The initial 1 works just fine, but the CPU monitor showed -1 usage on Vista and 0 on XP on a constant basis. The very same disappointment can be viewed in the Process Monitors accessible from the context menu with the system tray icon.

The Good

LightspeedPC provides the needed tools to cost-free up RAM lodged with processes that need less. It’s effortless to manage even by a noob as well as the planning of automatic tasks only makes it far more appealing.

It comes with attributes that prevent the app from doing its work on laptops with 50% battery or not connected to AC power.

The Bad

You’ll find still some aspects to be ironed out, for instance the graph monitor for your CPU, or proofreading of the text. But our tests showed that the app could not handle 6GB+ of RAM systems (in our case it detected only 4GB of memory space on a process with 6GB).

UPDATE: The RAM issue has been fixed by the developer along with the program can now detect the total volume on systems with much more than 2GB of actual memory space.

The Truth

Storage optimization application is built using the purpose of fixing RAM leakage of some processes within the technique. LightspeedPC does that and more. As for XP users, it offers the possibility to tweak the operating method into superior performance.

It can also run automatically at user-defined time intervals and when certain RAM and CPU thresholds are reached.

All in all, it does what it says and frees up actual memory space. You have 8 weeks to try it and decide on its purchase.

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