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Product Website:
Product Creator: Steven Rounds
Starting Price: $47
Refund Period: 60 days

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Seven Ways To Generate Income

Using the Internet to produce money can either be a full–or part-time job or
simply just a hobby that keeps you busy. Many online money-making methods exist
plus some, like affiliate marketing or perhaps freelancing, require no upfront
investment to get going. Choosing a method of generating income online that’s
best for you involves figuring out the skills you have and tips on how to use
those skills to be able to profit.

Auction Sites

Auction sites allow you to make money by listing your items available and having
people bid in it. Many auction websites are present, including eBay, uBid, eBid,
and CQout. To have successful auctions, sellers create new item listings with
photos and descriptions of things that entice people to wager. You can even set
how long you want the auction to operate. Once the auction ends as well as the
"winner" pays for the item, you’re responsible for shipping them to the winner.
How much money you make depends upon the volume of products you’re selling and
their particular actual worth.

Ecommerce Online sites

As an eCommerce website owner, you only need a domain, website hosting, and
shopping cart software to set up this type of site. Free shopping carts, run by
software, include options like Zen Cart or osCommerce,. Paid software options
contain BigCommerce or Volusion. For an eCommerce website, you need
products–either physical goods from a manufacturer or distributor, or digital
goods–and vendor payment accounts like PayPal or Google Checkout. You may also
have to get the appropriate business licenses or permits to offer in your state
and you might have to charge sales tax.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an online money-making activity which involves earning
sales for others’ products in return for a commission. You can sign up being an
affiliate for products through third-party affiliate sites just like ClickBank,
PayDotCom, or Commission Junction. Once you sign up and acquire your special
affiliate website link, you can promote the link in online classified
advertisements, articles, forums and elsewhere. When someone makes the purchase,
you get paid a little commission via PayPal or another method set up by the
product’s originator or the third-party affiliate marketer site.

Niche Webpages

Making money online using niche websites involves getting a popular topic and
posting relevant content on your own niche site. A "yoga" website is among a
niche within the typical "exercise" category. The content–blog posts, videos
and podcasts–which you post in your niche website attracts Web traffic. You can
make money by selling your own advertising space, or registering and setting up
ads from web publisher’s programs for example Google AdSense or the Yahoo
Publisher Network or perhaps by offering related affiliate marketer products.


Freelancing online is a means of making money that involves providing services
for other people. Sites like iFreelance, oDesk. com and Guru. com allow you to
set up a freelance profile for others to see. Freelance sites also enable you to
search for and bid on projects from "employers" who post about the particular
work they need accomplished. Anyone who has a valuable skill–including copy
writing, graphic and web design among others–can earn money from it online
using these sites.

Internet business

An online business could be set up around your specialitzation. This works
really well an advanced expert in your field and have earned a college degree or
certifications. Ideas for online businesses include tutoring, life coaching or
mentoring, e-counseling, and even tax preparing. Your online business web site
should describe who you are, your qualifications and the services you offer. It
should also provide clients with ways to pay and a way of reaching you directly.

Website Flipping

Website flipping involves purchasing sites that others are available for low
prices and "flipping" them for any profit. The "flipping" aspect with this
online money-making method involves improving the website in terms of both
content and amount of Internet traffic. Once the site begins to make money
through advertising revenues or products which you sell on the webpage, you can
sell your website for profit on places for example Flippa, eBay, or SitePoint.