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RegInOut Registry Cleaner PREVIEW

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Registry Cleaner Review – Is RegInOut a good choice?

Registry Cleaner Review – Is RegInOut a good choice?

Optimized and clean windows registry is a critical factor in overall computer’s performance. You should be very careful in selecting a registry cleaning tool especially if it is a new addition in the market. A registry cleaner detecting more number of errors is not always the right choice, many products detect valid registry entries either to persuade user for a purchase or due to certain mistakes during development process.

We are going to discuss if RegInOut a relatively new registry cleaner is the right choice for you and if its performance is as good as other quality products already in the market.

Let’s find out more about RegInOut.

User interface is simplified but very well configured and easy to use, nice icons on left side look very good. Animation during scan using magnifier with cubes is very attractive as well. Overall look is good but it needs a bit of refinement for the upcoming Windows 7 era.

On the main scan screen it gives user the option to make custom selection of different error categories to scan. Navigation to other functions of the software is on the left side.

The most important part is that what type of errors in registry RegInOut scans for as this decides about the impact it is going to have on PC performance and reduction of system errors caused by corrupt registry. RegInOut does not fall behind on this by scanning the right set of registry errors, however inclusion of driver related registry errors can make RegInOut even more powerful.

Along with scanning many different registry errors it also scans for invalid "Program Shortcuts", this does not helps in increasing PC performance but can be useful as invalid shortcuts create mess on desktop and other folders. The "Start Scan" button let you to perform a scan for selected categories.

When you come to the scanning scree after pressing "Start Scan" button RegInOut use animations and icons very nicely to show overall scan progress which makes it easy to understand. The category which is currently under scan is represented with an animated image. The category on which scan is complete is either represented by a green tick if it has no errors or a red cross which means there are corrupt entries in that error category. Along with displaying the number of errors found in a category RegInOut sums up total number of errors found and display it on top right side of the scanning screen.

You can also choose to cancel the scan at any time on the scanning screen. More important thing here than presentation is that if RegInOut displays the accurate number of errors in each category. The answer is "Yes", RegInOut tell correct number of errors in each category.

Once the scan is completed and user presses the next button RegInOut displays a screen with an option to fix the detected errors. Users can very easily view the errors which are displayed in a tree view with complete registry location of each found error. Another interesting option is "Ignore Selected" error which gives user the power to tell RegInOut not to detect this error again until it is ignored. By default all the detected errors are checked for fixing but user can uncheck any one of the errors or the whole error category if he wishes not to fix for some reason. RegInOut skips the unchecked errors and do not fix them but they are detected again on next round of scan unlike ignored errors. The total number of errors selected for fixing is displayed on top of this screen.

As this screen presented error details and the registry locations on which the corrupt entries reside giving the opportunity to review the most important factor i.e. if RegInOut detected any such errors which actually are not corrupt registry entries and are valid. This is so important that it can cause more errors and even nonfunctioning of your favorite programs. The result was amazing and highly impressive for a new registry cleaner like RegInOut, there was not a single registry error which was wrongly detected.
Detailed tests may reveal certain instances regarding wrong detection of registry errors because it is hard to find a cleaner which is perfect.

Once the user presses "Fix Errors" button RegInOut removes the errors from registry and takes user to the summary screen. This screen displays the summary of result for the last scan activity. Category wise number of errors detected, cleaned and ignored is displayed on this screen along with date and time of last scan on top of the screen.

As described earlier no registry cleaner can be perfect, registry backup feature for this reason becomes a must for any registry cleaner. RegInOut provides this feature in a hassle free way, user do not need to bother about remembering to backup registry before removing corrupt entries each time. RegInOut automatically makes a backup of registry entries before fixing them. Rather than backup of whole registry with each round of fixing making the process slow RegInOut only backup those registry entries which it removes.
The backup/restore screen displays a list of backups taken with each round of fixing along with date/time. User can easily restore a backup by pressing "Restore" button after selecting the backup. User can also remove a backup from the list.

Startup manager screen displays the list of entries which are marked by windows to run when the PC starts. User can enable/disable any particular entry. This feature of RegInOut is no different than the default msconfig utility provided by the windows. Only advantage is that you do not have to run msconfig configuration wizard and it can help amateur users to easily set startup options.

Options screen gives user the ability to manage the ignore list, schedule RegInOut scans and set other options including setting of windows restore point before repairing errors. Scheduling of scans is a good feature to achieve better results regular cleaning of registry is always advised. The scheduling feature provided by RegInOut is very simple easy to understand and use. User can also configure RegInOut to start when windows start.
Two very useful options which work in combination are "Automatically repair Items after scan" and "Automatically shutdown application when repair completes" making the whole process to work without any sort of user intervention. You have scheduled a registry scan and your PC is on, RegInOut will start, find the errors, create a backup, fix them and then will automatically shutdown.

RegInOut is a handy and effective registry cleaner with powerful scanning engine. It is perfectly safe to use due to very low risk of wrong detections and a strong registry backup facility. Though scanning speed seems slightly slower than other registry cleaners but considering the accuracy of its detections this cannot be treated as a negative point rather an area upon which RegInOut can be further improved. It also found many problems which other registry cleaners missed giving it an edge.

Check out RegInOut Registry Cleaner from Expert Advice page.