WebComp Analyst REVIEW – SEO link analysis, pure and simple.

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It’s simply the absolute fastest, easiest, most powerful link analysis tool for Google.

If you know anything about ranking in Google (and chances are you do if you’re reading this), then you know that ranking in Google is all about the links. The bottom line: you need to have more links aimed at your page, with the keywords you want to rank for in the anchor text, than your competition does.

WebComp Analyst does all of that work in seconds, giving you an easy-to-read snapshot of exactly how difficult it will be to rank for any set of keywords in Google. You can do the analysis on multiple sets of keywords at the same time, saving a huge amount of time.
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Product Website: WebcompAnalyst.com
Product Creator: Webcomp Analyst
Starting Price: $67
Refund Period: 30 days

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How you can Do SEO online

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) may be the science and art of helping sites get
available on the surface of the major search engines like google for relevant
keywords. Experienceing this high ranking about the search engine is the
greatest marketing strategy on the internet today. This is because simple:
Million of searches are carried out everyday. The A large number of webpages
that appears presents itself those search engine results essentially get free
advertising. It’s been known as the cheapest and many effective advertising tool


1. Select a right website name and host your website to some reliable server.

2. Do detailed market research and competitor analysis.

3. Select keywords carefully. Choose only relevant keywords. It is suggested to
make use of some market and keyword research tool, if neccessary.

4. Keep the URL and Directory structure simple. Use Text base navigation and
interlink to numerous pages from the website.

5. Use keywords at prominent places like headings, bold/italic or bulleted text,
anchor-text and at the top text.

6. Produce quality content for the website. Build your copy easy to use instead
of optimizing it for search engines like google. Avoid duplication of contents.

7. Create an html sitemap of the site since it works like a ‘table of contents’
o f a magazine. Also submit xml sitemap to top search engines like google .

8. Get links from relevant sites. Use keyword rich anchor-text of these links.
Use number of anchor-text in links.

9. Don’t connect to bad neighbours. Don’t do excessive exchanging links. Avoid
paid links.

10. Produce quality contents and obtain links from article directory sites,
blogs, forums along with other social media sites.

11. Avoid invisible text, keyword stuffing, targeting irrelevant keywords,
broken links , page not found errors yet others similar things.

12. Submit your website to top directories, relevant phone book and trade

13. If you wish to hire an SEO, look into the ranking that belongs to them
website, references and concepts prior to making a decision to pick them.